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People curious about single women

Tabu has been single and is always being quizzed about having a partner.

Probing on it, she said, “I’ve nothing against relationships. They happen when they have to. It’s not something that you put down in a couple of points.”

When asked if the society is judgemental towards single women, Tabu further said, “It used to bother me when people were interested in other people’s lives, but not anymore.

People curious about single women

It’s human nature. Sometimes, I feel that people also do it out of concern. People will always be curious about single women, more so a celebrity.

I think our society has a problem accepting that a woman can be single by choice also.” I grew up in a simple family of academicians in Hyderabad.

Acting happened by accident, like most things in my life.

I never had an inclination for it. Adjusting to the mindset of the industry and its ways was tough.

My journey of self-discovery actually began when I started understanding and giving more to the craft when I wanted to be more than just the heroine.



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