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People are my Badushas:KCR

Telangana people are my Badushas and no other Shahs can rattle the TRS and KCR said CM K Chandrasekhar Rao here. He was addressing the media here and said that as on today BJP will not get a seat if elections are held he said. He found fault with the local BJP chief Dr Laxman for translating the lies and charges made by the BJP chief Amit Shah at Nalgonda.

The BJP local chief must have corrected the mistakes made by Amit shah he said. The Telangana people will not by mislead by any of the political parties he said. KCR said that he will give special interviews to all the media in the next 4 -5 days and give a detailed account of the performance and promises he said.
KCR will not rate himself and the people must judge and give the ratings he said.

The Government is here to take care of the farming community till they develop in a big way he said. KCR said that he will not tolerate cheap politics and said that BJP is no political party here and it has not standing he said. I am answering the questions raised by BJP chief he said.

What will they do to KCR he questioned. Let them introspect themselves he said. We are with the PM and we are for the development. we are restraining and there is a limit for patience and tolerance he said. The support for the President candidate is not yet decided and it will be done on 27nth he said. We are not begging the centre he said.


We gave more and we got less from the centre he said. There is no scam in the central Government. This is afact and it is good he said. I must praise Modi he said. Everyday is not Sunday  and everything is not UP he said. I dont see any danger for my relation with Modi. Shah made unwanted comments on TS and the progress should not be hampered by any Shah. Wisdom will prevail on Shah can correct himself.

The power and Government is not important to me. I am taking Bison polo ground not parade ground for secretariat he clarified. Let parade ground be safe . Polo ground is not being used and we use it for the secretariat he said. Do we have a parade ground of our own. You could not do anything , you are not allowing me to do he said. No cabinet reshuffle he clarified.



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