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Pawan in touch with Salman

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan almost said goodbye to films and wanted to concentrate on politics and development of the party. But the recent corruption charges made against babu and Lokesh gave him a kick. Think tanks like Trivikram suggested that Pawan must do a movie which becomes a hit and the people will look at him again and that it could be just before the elections.

 Pawan in touch with Salman
Dabang gave him that edge earlier and now Salman is doing Dabangg 3 with dance director Prabhu Deva. Prabhu did Wanted movie for Salman from Pokiri. Now Pawan wants to take the rights of Dabangg 3 for a final shot before the elections it is reported.

Pawan might become a nobody without movies. So the core team of Jana Sena along with some other Cine people thought it fit to do a movie or two before the elections and Pawan agreed for the same.

Pawan in touch with Salman
Now Pawan is getting support from the back door via BJP and he is stronger than before. There might be a truck with the BJP in the coming elections and he can expect to enter the Assembly in 2019 from Rayalaseema region. At the same time, babu is not taking Pawan easily.

He is finding ways and means to stop Pawan at any cost. But without the support of BJP, it is not easy to block either Pawan or Jagan.

Jagan seems to be hand in glove with Modi via Vijaysai reddy. Till 2019 Jagan will be safe from the cases as he will be supporting BJP against the TDP.

Let’s hope Dabangg 3 will get the lost glory. He lost Agnathavaasi miserably and Trivikram is looking at Junior NTR.



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