Pawan questions- Monarchy or democracy?

Is this democracy or Monarchy questioned Pawan Kalyan? One must follow democracy he said.  People say Chandrababu will use and throw me away- Do you think I do know that asked Pawan Kalyan the Janasena leader.

 Pawan questions Monarchy or democracy?

If I joined politics earlier now I would have been perfect and experienced said Pawan. Is Meeting Modi a mistake or is it any other issue questioned Pawan.

If the father is a CM, one should not feel that the son must become a CM, it is not right he said. By making Padayatras one cannot become CM he said. That is the reason I did not support Jagan he clarified.

YS Rajasekhar has done good and bad Pawan stated. YSR did some corruption also he explained. One has to prove himself in politics and then ask for power he said. Only sons of Kings must dream of becoming Kings and not the sons of politicians he opined. If the ruler is corrupt it will affect the people he said. With determination, we can achieve anything he stated.

 Pawan questions Monarchy or democracy?

All people are not completely honest there will be some good and bad he opined. I did not support Jagan and I don’t have a father like Chandrababu, Pawan explained. Like making movies, ruling people is also very difficult Pawan opined.

Finally, he said that it is not right to become CMs in a dynasty fashion and that they must come in a democratic fashion. It is unethical he opined.



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