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Pawan police complaint on Srireddy

A formal complaint has been filed by Pawan Kalyan the founder of the film chamber of commerce. Srireddy the frustrated actor has been making allegations left and right and the latest being against director Shekar Kammula on facebook.

Shekar threatened to move the court and make a complaint. But Srireddy shot back saying she is not afraid of money and other kinds of power and she can fight all alone with guts.

It is reported that the police might look into the complaint filed by Pawan and take action against Srireddy if she is found guilty. Srireddy has been going to the media all the time saying that she has tapes of big people enjoying with her and using her in the name of giving her roles.

Pavan Kalyan Files Case Against Sri Reddy

Shekar Kammula the director on his part said that he does not know her at all and that it was unethical on her part to malign him. He will act against as per law and will see to it she was punished. But Srireddy just brushed him aside and said that she was ready to face anything and would prove that she was not wrong.

Teja the director tried to pacify Srireddy with roles in 2 movies, but it looks like she is still hungry and wants to come out more openly in the media. It has to be seen how the police would react against her on the complaint filed by Pawan Kalyan.



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