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Pawan-NTR-Prabhas-Balaiah must help

Srireddy the lady who brought the issue of casting couch to light and wants to end the exploitation of women in Tollywood suggested that the fans of Pawan Klayna, NTR, Prabhas and also Balaiah babu must come forward to help the women in the industry and also improve the working conditions.

She challenged that she will never leave anyone who abused her. She has appointed an advocate and introduced him to the press here at the Press Club. She said that the heroes can abuse anybody and that the ladies have no right to complain she pointed out.

Pawan-NTR-Prabhas-Balaiah must help

Is Pawan Kalyan encouraging rowdies she questioned. Pawan is the main reason for creating law and order and not controlling his fans she said. Why don’t you control the fans she questioned Pawan. The families responsible for exploitation in the industry are in the CASH committee and they will not do any justice she pointed out.

As suggested by Pawan we are now using law she said. Suresh Babu tried to settle the issue with money and I am not afraid and I will fight she declared. Why do you want to ban media she questioned? These 4 families are trying to control things and this will not happen Srireddy thundered. You must answer and talk she warned. You cannot keep quiet for a long time what about the issues of women she asked. The ladies will fight it out and they will get the justice she said. You can kill me beat me up or can do anything she stated. You called me a prostitute and said I got aids. I am pointing out only who did wrong things with me.

She challenged Kona Venkat, Nani and Shekar Kammula and will go as per law she thundered. More people will come out she explained.



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