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Pawan and the Kapu factor

Kapus in Andhra Pradesh have been struggling to find a good leader for decades. They have been craving for the power and they wanted to rule the state. But nothing happened so far.

Now they thought that Janasena under Pawan Kalyan would do something for them. But he is also going the Chiranjeevi way.

Chiranjeevi the megastar could not do anything with Praja Rajyam and he openly merged the party with Congress for a Rajya Sabha seat and a ministry for some time.

Chiranjeevi could not get any votes for Congress. The Congress did not benefit in any manner with Chiranjeevi. Now, what will his brother Pawan do is the big question. On the other hand, Mudragada Padmanabham the Kapu leader is aiming at consolidation of Kapus against Chandrababu the TDP chief. He is very unhappy with the attitude of the CM. Kapus are already fed up with Janasena.

Pawan and the Kapu factor

The only hope and the party left for them is YSRC. The stars of Jagan are looking up. If Kapus support him he will be in a position to get some seats. But the Muslims are going away from Jagan as he is hand in glove with the BJP.Even the Christians don’t like BJP. In this context, only Kapus cannot make the YSRC win the elections.

Then it is advantage Chandrababu again. It is reported that Vijay Sai Reddy who was supposed to be with Jagan is leaning towards BJP. They say that Vijay is working overnight for himself and sustain in the politics for long. He is not bothered about the welfare of Jagan and he knows that YSRC may not sustain for long in case Jagan gets into trouble with cases.

It is reported that Jagan has already started ignoring Vijay Sai Reddy as he is moving closer to the BJP. The selection of candidates for the next elections will show who is who and which party would do well at the hustings.

But the BJP is hell bent upon trouncing the TDP and for that, it is ready to fuel and encourage the YSRC and also Janasena. But you can underestimate or rule out Babu so easily.



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