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Pawan Kalyan at Tirumala

It looks like Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief wants a Divine blessing for his future and also for the party. He has trekked Tirumala and is staying a matham and not in the TTD cottages. It is learnt that he would be participating in several pujas and yagnas being done on hill shrine for him on a private basis.

Pawan Kalyan at Tirumala

His visit was and the schedule was kept a secret, but the media got to know about it later and they promptly made it public. The information is that Pawan would camp in Chittoor for 3 days and there is also a rumour that Pawan would stay on Tirumala in the matham. He will seek the divine blessing of the lord. Since he is planning to contest from Rayalaseema, Pawan is trying to create a buzz from Tirumala.

It looks like Pawan is seeking the divine intervention for his success to power. He is in the private matham so that no would be able to know what is actually going here. The yagas and Yagnas will be done for his better and especially for impressing the Hindus and for the sake of Hindu votes.

The political analysts are of the opinion that Janasena would be making a dent into the TDP vote bank and that will be a loss to Chandrababu Naidu and the YSRC would be benefitted in the process.
It will be an interesting multi-cornered contest in Andhra in 2019.



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