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Pawan inching closer to Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief Calls Chiranjeevi as his father and his wife Surekha as Mother. Now he says Charan is like his brother. He is openly campaigning for Rangasthalam movie. it looks like he has mellowed down and is getting matured in the process of leadership.

He needs the support from the family directly or indirectly for moving ahead with the Janasena. Earlier he just ignored the invitations from his brother Nagababu and Chiranjeevi several times. Nagababu was vocal against him and told the fans that Pawan was not coming for the launches.

Now Pawan is a changed man. He is trying to mingle with the family. He treats them as his parents. The next 12 months he would be busy with the Jana Sena people and elections. The movies may not be his priority for now.

Pawan inching closer to Chiranjeevi

He has to prove a point otherwise he will go down the history like his brother Chiranjeevi who could not do anything in politics. Chiranjeevi has miserably failed in politics and Pawan cannot afford to miss the bus now.

To make it a success now Pawan is trying to join forces with Chiranjeevi and his son Charan who have got a fan base across the Telugu states. One call from Chiranjeevi for Jana Sena will make all the difference for Pawan and his party. If he can get a few states and if he can divide votes of TDP, it becomes a big success story for him. The BJP is operating from the back door and fuelling Pawan. Pawan, Jagan and BJP will make a dent in the TDP vote  bank definitely.

The mega family is happy that Pawan is back in the fold and it makes a lot of difference for them. Chiru believes that unity is the strength.



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