Pawan digging his own grave? Cinema Political Specials Top Stories 

Pawan digging his own grave?

Pawan Kalyan is digging his own grave by taking on the TV channels. The TV channels have every right to air the content on the ongoing happenings in the state. Pawan Kalyan the Janasena chief has no right or authority to dictate the channels in airing the content. Taking on so many channels will directly affect his future and the party.

Pawan stated that he is ready to die. But for whose sake. What will the people get if he is dead is the question. When someone approaches you for help, you direct them to go the police. What is the message that you are giving to the people is the real question.

Pawan digging his own grave?

They want you to fight and you are shifting the responsibility to the police. Pawan must think twice before he tweets on the issue. Running around film chambers is also of no use as the President of MAA Sivaji Raja is himself facing allegations of the casting couch. Pawan must think as to what happens to him and his family if the entire media bans them and dont air anything on the TVs.

Pawan is planning for a J channel and that is a different matter. But if the media bans you, then you will be nowhere. You will not get any mileage for Janasena and then it becomes all the more difficult for the party. It will be wise and good for Pawan to come to terms with media and go for a compromise rather than going to the police and the courts.

For every story there will be a source or someone might plant the story. If not the TV, the web media will flash it and no way Pawan can stop the content.

Pawan digging his own grave?





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