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Pawan crossing his limits-beating below the belt

Pawan who was very angry for abusing his mother, has forgotten his limits and dragged TV9 CEO Raviprakahs wife into the controversy and tweeted a photo of Ravi with his wife. Here he suggested Ravi’s wife keep her children away from the TV 9 programs.

He also questioned Radhakrishna the MD of Andhra Jyothi and ABN if he was running Andhra Jyothi or TDP Jyothi. He almost challenged these media barons to come out in open, fight with him or come for a live discussion.
So far no one attacked the media in open like Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan also posted a video where someone was touching the feet of Ravi Prakash. He demanded Ravi Prakash explain on this. Last two days Pawan was tweeting all this with the help of Janasenas research wing it is reported. But the tweets are hitting the targets below the belt which is uncalled for. Pawan who is a budding politician with his Janasena must win over the media and instead, he has rubbed the media on the wrong side which is very unfortunate and uncalled for.

Pawan crossing his limits

It may prove to him very costly in the near future. Aiming at two big channels was not the right strategy and going to their family members is another wrong step.

The media will malign him further on each and every issue and this will give him jitters and sleepless nights. This is not the way to start a party and enter the election in 2019. When everything was right, Chiranjeevi failed and if this is the case Pawan will be nowhere in the next elections. It’s advantage TDP.



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