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Is Pawan on the back foot

It looks like Pawan is unable to meet both ends. We are not talking about the financial part. But we are talking about the commitments that he gives. He is unable to live up to the hero image in the real life. Not only that he is unable to keep up his promises.
  Is Pawan on the back foot Making non-stop speeches is easy, but walking the talk is very difficult. Politics is not only mental strain but also physical strain. Pawan must be able to take that. People say he is unable to travel in the scorching sun and is avoiding the public meetings which were scheduled earlier. His image also has taken a beating after taking on the press and media channels.

There are reports that Chiranjeevi has called a meeting of the heroes and wanted them to ban the TV channels and suggested that content should not be given to them.
Is Pawan on the back foot
This is purely a bad idea. How can one dictate the media is a big question. In the same way, Pawan must understand that he is coming into the public life and must live like a common man. Not behind the glass doors and black glasses. One must be transparent to become a big leader. Not just dictating terms and restricting others. It is reported that Pawan is cancelling all the programs suggested by his team.

It is reported that Lokesh the son of AP CM has sent a word to Pawan that they must sit and chalk out issues rather than exposing each other. But as now it is confirmed that Pawan and Jagan are already travelling with BJP. Jagan has no other choice as he is bogged down with cases.



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