Paresh Rawal to become Modi

Paresh Rawal the actor and politician wants to become PM Modi. He likes Modi, He loves BJP and he wants to work like Modi and finally act like Modi.

Since a long time a film was being planned for Modi, but it did not materialise so far. The script work is going on. It might take some more time. But Paresh Rawan wants to become Modi and take the role of modi.

Paresh Rawal to become Modi

He says I can play him the best on screen, not because I know him better or anything. It’s just that I identify with him. I relate to his ideologies and believe in his qualities. In my opinion, every citizen and every leader should have Modiji’s qualities.

We ought to be grateful that we have got an un-corrupted leader like him. He lives alone, away from the family. He doesn’t indulge in any loose talk or any other conversation apart from work.

Talking on the GST Preash said that the union members did approach me for it, and I have made an appeal to improvise the tax rate. Let’s see if our appeal is heard. However, it should be a unified voice.

If you go separately, nobody listens to your issues. The film fraternity should collectively approach the authorities for it, which will definitely carry more weightage.



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