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Owaisi in saffron headgear

MIM President and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi stunned many especially the BJP cadre and leaders by wearing a saffron headgear in Hindu style during an election campaign. Owaisi is campaigning for the JDS here. Usually, Owaisis have been with the Congress for a long time, but here in Telangana, they are supporting the TRS and now JDS in the Karnataka election.

Owaisi in saffron headgear

The photo was also viral on the web. Owaisi said that he wants a non-BJP and non-Congress Government in Karnataka and that was the reason he is supporting the JDS. He found fault with the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for calling the JDS as the B team of the BJP. The Congress has no public support and guts to take on the BJP and trounce the Modi Government he said. It is time that the regional parties will take over the central government and Modi will be sent back to Gujarat he stated.

Interestingly Owaisis MIM is not contesting any seats here in Karnataka even though there are some areas where Muslims are thickly populated. While most of the surveys said that it could be Congress here, the latest Survey by a politician who runs an agency and known for his accuracy said that it will be BJP here in Karnataka. They say that it is Congress leader Rajagopal Lagapatis Chanakya which has come to a conclusion that it will be BJP in Karnataka.



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