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Only KCR can do this

TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao entered the venue of plenary amidst slogans of Jai KCR at about 11.30 today for addressing the 17nth plenary session of the TRS party. He hoisted the party flag and then garlanded the Telugu Talli statue here. He was wearing a tilak on his forehead and looked fresh and beaming on the stage. The meeting observed silence for the martyrs of Telangana.

The first thing he did was correcting the audio and other systems apart from lights and Air conditioning systems which were giving buzz.

He was flanked by Kesava Rao and deputy CM Mahmood Ali. Basavaraj Saraiah the first speaker said that KCR can only do this kind of welfare and develop the state and no other leader is competent to develop the state he stated. The sound is not properly being distributed KCR objected and wanted the ACs to be closed. We cannot hear anything this is meeting, not a marketplace KCR said to the organisers. Why do we need echo in the sound system he questioned?

Only KCR can do this

Kesavarao the RS leader proposed that a new alternative must come in the National politics and there was a need for it. He opined that the parties who ruled the Nation could not deliver since last 70 years and the BJP did not do anything in the last 4 years. He opined that there was a need for an alternative to Congress and the BJP for which KCR has already set the agenda.



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