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Online systems are good but….

CM K Chandrasekhar Rao the progressive thinking man has taken a good decision to make the registrations with Dharani the online system, but one has to make it perfect. The municipal permissions are already online. But the common man is unable to open the so-called online system for uploading the documents. There are brokers around the GHMC offices and one has to approach them to get the documents uploaded online. These middlemen are doing the job and they are taking around Rs 10000 for the same.

After uploading process is over then you have to approach the GHMC officials. The officials are not available in the offices. They say they are going to field work for inspection and they dont come to offices. So online or offline is not making much of a difference. Offline was just one step, but now you have to cross the online hurdle also.

GHMC permissions are said to be given in 21 days. But in reality, it is not so.

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They put some objection or the other and don’t give the permission unless and until you approach them in the proper system through the middlemen. They invite objections from the neighbours wantonly.

Both KCR and KTR are trying to avoid the middlemen, but practically it is not happening. If registrations are made online then one has to approach people for uploading it at the first place and then go to the offices in the second place. This is already happening with the GHMC offices. It is learnt that people are charging Rs10000 to Rs15000 for uploading the documents for municipal permissions. Then approaching the officers is a different matter.

The registrations must be made online, but they must be made simple and see that the site opens easily. See that it is not blocked and dont allow the brokers to take it over. Otherwise loading itself becomes a big issue. Then convincing the officials is different. So online system has merits and demerits.

It is reported that KTR is already aware of this issue and he is trying to come out with a solution where the uploading for MCH permission becomes easy and the middlemen can be avoided.






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