Onion Prices on the rise

After Tomatoes the Onion prices are on the rise. In Telangana ever house hold needs onions and Tomatoes on daily basis. In fact Tomato onion price curry is like staple food for the common man. Now both are not affordable to the poor man.

There was a time when people stood in lines with Aadhar card for the Onions in Telangana. The same situation will come again it looks like. Tomato has come down from Rs 100 a Kg to Rs 50. But now the Onion prices have started soaring.

There is a lot of unrest in the markets after the introduction of GST. More or less there is price rise in most of the commodities. Some traders have jacked up the prices of every commodity and blamed it on GST.

It looks like the Onions will bring tears to the consumers soon.



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