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One kiss costs Rs 10 lakh

We have heard some good presents and cash for the stars for doing a good action scene or to the technicians for a good Dance composing so on and so forth. Sometimes extra for the night shooting and also taking some risk for getting the scene right.

But the producer of Rangasthalam has challenged the director to get the scene on right time and that they would get Rs 10 lakh. The director in question was Sukumar and he took up the challenge.

There is one scene where Charan is kissed by Samantha the leading lady. Ramcharan did not about the details until the end. It took two days for the things to be set right for the director.

One kiss costs Rs 10 lakh.

One of the producers along three writers of that kissing scene was given the challenge to complete the scene in an hour and if they can get the required impact they will be paid a prize money of Rs one lakh. Sukumar took up the challenge with the help of writers and got the scene done with good reactions in no time and the producer had to give them one lakh on the sets.

It is the crucial scene where the lady and man express love to each other in a surprising manner. Charan fumbled several times while the kiss scene was being shot it is reported.

The movie brought a lot of name and fame to the Hero Charan also the director Sukumar. The director is on a holiday to Europe and Charan is working on his next 4 movies in a marathon fashion apart from looking after his fathers movie Saira Narasimha Reddy.



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