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One candidate- one seat says EC

The election commission of India is in favour of one candidate contesting from only one seat in the elections. If agreed by the political parties and ratified by the government this may be applicable in the next elections.

This is to prevent by-elections and save the money and manpower being used for the conduct of elections. For example, Modi contested from two seats and later he left one seat calling for a by-election. This has cost the government twice. So to avoid two-time election from now on only one candidate will be allowed to contest from only one seat and now two.

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So the big leaders who always wanted to play safe and contesting from two constituencies will not have that safety net. They will either win or lose. It is not like winning from two and leaving one for the contest again. Either you win or lose.

This will save money and time for the Government. The leaders also cannot gamble with the people.

A petition was filed in the court asking the court to restrict the contest from two seats to one and prevent the public money from being wasted in the name of elections.



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