NTR -YSR biopics under EC radar? Cinema Political Top Stories 

NTR -YSR biopics under EC radar?

While the Biopics on NTR for TDP and YSR for YSRC are getting ready the other political parties are gearing up for reporting to the Election commission. The Congress party leaders say that both the films will have political content and they will influence the voters directly or indirectly.

NTR -YSR biopics under EC radar?

The man portraying the role of senior NTR is his son Balakrishna who is also TDP MLA related to CM Chandrababu Naidu. The name NTR itself influences the people of Andhra and he is the man who fought for the self-respect of Telugu people. At the same time, YSR is also a popular man who had done a lot of welfare for the poor and downtrodden. His film will also influence the people of Andhra and would add to YSRC votes and the Jagan factor.

Jagan is slowly emerging as an alternative to TDP, but JanaSena will divide the votes and YSRC may not get that majority to win the election.

NTR -YSR biopics under EC radar?

Both the films with political content are getting ready and they might have a Sankranthi release that is for January. The elections will be more or less around the corner. This will prompt other parties to refer the films and content to the election commission so that they will edit the extra political dialogues influencing the public.

The films might have some difficulty during the release but they will be released and will have a direct and indirect influence on the public. But NTR will definitely have an edge over YSR.

The reason is Balaiah is directly local man and Mammooty playing YSR is an outsider. The local impact will be good for the TDP.



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