NTR takes the Fitness Challenge

Junior NTR has accepted the Fitness Challenge. He was already on a fitness spree for Trivikrams movie. Like Swachch Bharat Abhiyan the fitness challenge being thrown up by the union Minister Rathode is catching up like a wildfire. Kohli, Modi the PM and several others including the film stars have taken up the challenge.Yesterday it was clean India and now it is healthy India.


NTR was a fat guy early in his early movies and later on the advice of Rajamouli whom he calls Jakkanna has suggested him to reduce weight and stay fit. From that time onwards NTR started staying trim and fit. Now he has accepted the fitness challenge and is already fit. Now after NTR many stars would follow the fitness challenge.

Now Political parties are after him to join them. While he is already affiliated to TDP with the family relationship, NTR is being lured into YSRC through Kodali Nani. They want a statement in favour of Jagan. But for the time being NTR is busy with his movies. The political consideration will take some more time and it is in 2019.



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