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Now Srireddy targets Rana Daggubati

It is a bad time for the big families in the film industry said Srireddy the women who exposed the casting couch in Tollywood. She opined that some family members of the big families in the film industry just behave like good persons but they will be further exposed she said.

Now Srireddy targets Rana Dagggubati
She also added that people from the police and judiciary must come forward for the protection of women. We will not accept others who just pose as big and good persons and when it comes to reality they are different and they will be exposed. All will be exposed to the process she said. She is ready to go out of the industry and also forego the MAA card.

Whoever he is. He might be a big man from the industry in whatever form and capacity if he has harassed ladies he will be exposed Srireddy stated categorically. It could be Suresh Daggubatis son, he will face the music she opined.

Now Srireddy targets Rana DagggubatiWhen we thought that Srireddy has mellowed down and that the industry can take a breather, she is in for something else and she wants to continue the exposing saga. Rana was already blamed for Suchi leaks and there were some intimate photos also. Now one has to wait and see what is in store for the future.



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