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Now Patanjali garments

Patanjali who is giving the multinationals a stiff competition in cosmetics, pastes and medicines is now set to launch Patanjali garments in 2019.

It will be ethnic wear, yoga garments and also jeans depending upon the demand in youth and other categories. It will be for kids -men and women. Baba Ramdev the founder of the company says the idea is to give good clothes and authentic wear at affordable prices. They will be called as Swadesh line of clothing in the fashion jargon.

Now Patanjali garments

Ramdev said that the workers are committed to producing affordable clothes rather than making business. He said that they make profits as there are no overheads like advertising and other thing. We depend on quality and others depend of publicity he clarified. We sell on good quality and others depend on publicity for sales he explained.

People prefer quality and Swadeshi he stated. He is hopeful that he would make good business and profits in the garment business also.

There has been a lot of research going on for affordable and comfort clothing Baba stated. It has to seen how will people respond to Patanajali Jeans.

Now Patanjali garments

People like Colgate and other corporates into cosmetics and medicines are already having the pinch of Patanjali products. One of the Colgate Mangers says that his mother goes for Patanajali paste and not Colgate. That is the penetration of Patanjali products and it is very difficult to beat them and convince the consumers.

The Patanjali outlets are multiplying in every nook and corner and they are attracting the common man in big way. The doctors in these outlets are also more popular as they dont advice you for tests which cost in thousands. They give medicines which cost you in hundreds. The results are good.



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