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Now Jakkanna says no graphics and mega sets

Baahubali director is a busy man these days, not with the movies or scripts, but where to invest the money properly that he earned in the recent times.Some of it is already invested in lands and real estate through his friends.

Now he is planning to make a movie with no frills , that is without any special effects.It will be just acting and emoting. No special effects- no graphics no big sets. Just plain acting with natural sets and back ground.

          Now Jakkanna says no graphics and mega sets

But the story will be from the ace writer and his father Vijayendra Prasad. The father and son are sitting to make a good script that will become a movie with the stipulated budget and will be a different win with a sure hit tag.No hero has been earmarked so far and it could be like out of the blue as Sunil has been roped in earlier .

    Now Jakkanna says no graphics and mega sets

It looks like Rajamouli wants to give a break for VFX for short span. Rajamouli said that his next flick will not be with graphics. He asked his father to narrate a script with full of emotions.However, he did not disclose the name of the hero for next project. He said that hero’s name will be announced once the final script is ready.

Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad is now busy with penning script for a new role which he did not do for his son before. Rajamouli who gave blockbuster with Baahubali 2 surprised everybody with his decision on next project as cine lovers across globe are looking for another graphical extravaganza from this director.

     Now Jakkanna says no graphics and mega sets

Vijayendra Prasad is busy with Kanganas movie being directed by Krish the maker of Gautamiputra Sathakarni which was a sensational hit. Kangana is very excited with the role and it will give her lot of scope and credibility.

The bollywood and Tollywood are looking at Krish and his latest movie. The title Jhansi Ki Rani is being fixed by Krish for the movie it is reported.



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