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Now BJP will go on hunger strike

Since most of the political parties are launching protests against the BJP government, now PM Modi has thought it fit to pay them in the same coin.

The BJP MPs will go on a fast on April 12 to protest against the attitude of Congress and other parties in not allowing the parliament to function. This was decided by the PM Modi and he squarely blamed the Congress for this.

Prime Minister Modi opined that the BJP was doing inclusive politics and that the Congress with some other parties is doing divisive politics.

Now BJP will go on hunger strike

Now the BJP leaders have decided to spend a night with Dalits as the Congress was making allegations that the BJP was suppressing the Dalits. They will spend time in the Dalit villagers and meet the locals have food and socialise with them it is reported. The BJP will also stage a sabke saath sabka vikaas yatra.

Modi on the account of BJPs foundation day said that it is the workers that have made the party and paid rich tributes to the workers who have sacrificed for the party.



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