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Nothing to lose says Kangana

Kangana over a decade-long journey in Bollywood has seen many a triumph, including her three National awards, and Kangana Ranaut says if her career ends now, she has nothing to lose as she has a huge success story for the rest of her life.

Kangana, who made her film debut in 2006 with ‘Gangster’, says during her journey in the film industry, she has been able to discover herself and conquer her fears.

 Nothing to lose says Kangana

Kangana says, “I have acted upon my fears when I was struggling and trying to discover myself, who I am.

But now I feel extremely satisfied with my discovery about myself, my inherent nature, about who I am as a woman and what my tendencies and capabilities are.

I left home with none of the knowledge when I was 15 but at the age of 30 I know a lot about me.



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