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Was not sure of Rangasthalam- Samantha

Samantha was not sure of Rangasthalam and her character. She said that looking glamorous was different and acting ugly and brash with the twisted mouth is difficult. This was in complete contrast to her bubbly and glamour doll attitude.

When Sukumar narrated about the cleaning of buffaloes climbing rocks and staying in deep waters, She thought that it was not her cup of tea, but the director made her do it easily and with comfort and finally, it has become one of the best hits in her career.

People will remember the Ramalakshmi character for a long time. Samantha did a great job in a deglamourised and ugly format.

 Was not sure of Rangasthalam- Samantha

On the other hand, she also proved that married woman can act and people will like them.

There was a myth that after the marriage with Chaitu the career might come to end. But this proved the other way. She got a bit hit and then people are waiting for the other film Mahanati. It is supposed to about the legendary leading lady Savithri. At the same time, there are wild rumours that Samantha is pregnant and is expecting a baby.

Only the Akkinenis can give some insight about this rumours if they are true. Anyway looking ugly for the movie was a challenge to Samantha and twisting the mouth and making eyes was also different experience and this has showcased Samantha at a different angle. The credit goes to Sukumar for the direction and Samantha for taking the risk.



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