Not for Ramzan say the netizens

Aamir Khan the superstar of Bollywood has posted this picture with his daughter Ira in a lighter moment. But the public are not happy with this kind of posting. They are saying no not for the Ramzan they said openly.

“Aamir Khan, daughter hai toh kya hai, kam se kam Ramzan ke mahine me aise pose na dete,” is what the trolls told the 52-year-old superstar for a picture with Ira. This is a shot where the father-daughter can be seen sharing a light moment together. But, the trolls think their picture is ‘inappropriate, especially during Ramzan.’

“Respect you and your dedication towards your hard work in acting. But this is unaccepted,” a comment on Aamir and Ira’s picture read. Another comment read as, “Sorry boss, not acceptable.” The other comments are too vile and distasteful.

Ira and son Junaid are Aamir’s children with his first wife Reena Dutta. He married filmmaker Kiran Rao in 2005 and Azad was born in 2011.



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