Not a power monger says Pawan

I am not a power monger said Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief. After a long hibernation in Tollywood, Pawan again came on to the streets in the name of fighting for the welfare of the people.

The youth and the public cheered him in a big way and he stressed that he is not supporting any political party and is with the people for the people.

Pawan Kalyan said that he will dedicate Three-Fourth of this time for politics and will know the problems of the people. Talking at a public meeting in Visakhapatnam he said Jana Sena has almost completed their selection camps.


Now, Pawan Kalyan will be fully concentrating on the party building as well.But, Pawan Kalyan did not commit on the rumoured Padayatra.

This entry into the public will mean that Pawan Kalyan will have about one and a half year before 2019 elections to get set for the contest. It has to be seen if this time will be enough.

He pledged his support to the DCI employees here at Visakhapatnam. Pawan has completed his 25th film with Trivikram with Title Agnathavasi and it is ready for release.



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