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No truck with Congress-Yechury

Sitaram Yechury the senior communist leader is the General Secretary for CPM. He is being elected for the second time unanimously. The 65-year-old man’s election was approved by 95 member committee. Earlier he has taken over as the CPM General secretary in 2015 and now he is again reelected as the General Secretary.

CPM has decided that there will be no alliance with the Congress directly, but will fight together on issues along with the like-minded parties.

No truck with Congress-Yechury

With this, it is clear that CPM will not join the Congress and it is an advantage for the Peoples front being formed by the TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. It may be noted that KCR is working for forming a front keeping the Congress and the BJP aside. Now that CPM is already opposed to BJP and decided that there will be no alliance with Congress, there is every chance that they may join the front being pushed by KCR.

But Mamatha was of the opinion that with the Congress they will be able to win more seats. The Akhilesh and Mayawathi alliance has proved that they can trounce the BJP in the home turf of Yogi Aditynath. This was a major shot in the arm for the anti-BJP parties. If this continues it becomes very difficult for the BJP in the near future.



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