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No takers for Kaala

For the first time, there is no market for Kaala the Rajinikanth film produced by Dhanush his relative. While there is no issue with the Tamil distribution, it is becoming extremely difficult for selling the same in Telugu. They are asking for Rs 40 crore and some buyers have shown some interest and later backed off as they made losses earlier.

The 2.0 movie was sold for about 80 crore and people have hopes on this movie. But no one is touching Kaala in Telugu as they don’t want to burn their pockets.

No takers for Kaala

But the sellers are not coming down on the proposed Rs 40 crore offer. There is a talk in the industry that Kaala is not good and the earlier Kabali was a fluke hit with the publicity. So one can say Rajini’s market is down in Telugu states.

Dhanush is also trying his level best to get a good price for Kaala as he is the producer of the film. Meanwhile, some advertisers are planning for an innovative campaign or the movie.

One side Rajini is busy with films and the other side he is busy with politics. He has already signed a movie for Rs 64 crore and the negotiations for politics are also going on.



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