Singhal removes TTD Iron steps

New EO Singhal was forced to stop and remove the newly laid iron steps. With the new iron steps people are almost climbing above the height of the Lord. The width and breadth of the new steps are very less and only single line can go.

 No logic in new TTD steps
Aged people and children cannot climb the 30 feet and climb down the 30 feet. They are very narrow. Anil Singhal the new EO said that it is just an emergency exit. Now pilgrims forced him to remove them.

It was done in a hurry. This is against the Vaikhanasa Agama sastram some purohits said. Iron is the metal which is symbolic for Shani. Can we use iron near the silver entrance and connecting the gold entrance of Lord ?

 No logic in new TTD steps
The chief Priest of TTD Ramana Deekshitulu has no objection for these new steps and said that they will be used only during emergency.

Some are of the opinion that the steps could be used by the VVIPs while they come out of the TTD after darshan without disturbing the regular movement of pilgrims.



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