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No issue with loans KCR said

Earlier for AP, the capital expenditure was more than a lakh crore for 10 years that too for the 23 districts he said.

Telangana has incurred a capital expenditure of more than one lakh crore for the 10 districts earlier he pointed out.

This year the growth is 22 percent he explained. He was making a point in the Council here on the budget discussion. We are in the forefront when compared to all other states he pointed out.

India is having loans to the extent of around 86 lakhs crores he stated.

One-third of the budget proposed by NDA government goes to the debt servicing he explained. Chinas GDP is less, agricultural land is less but they are able to grow at a faster pace he said.

No issue with loans KCR said

Why should health, education and crops be with the centre he questioned. Urban and rural development also must remain with the state and what do they know about the conditions in the respective states he questioned.

I want constructive positive and thought-provoking discussions and not just for the sake of criticism he appealed. Mission Bagheeradha is one of the best projects and being followed by other states he explained.

The BJP ruled states are also taking loans. How can they run without loans he questioned.

We are better than other states when it comes to taking loans he explained. We have 70000 TMC of water that is given by nature and god he stated. We have 40 crore acres for cultivation. We can get water to every acre of land in this country there is abundant he said.

The centre must do justice to the states he demanded. The centre is not giving permission for various things and does not do some things for the development he pointed out. Dont create hurdles and we are doing lot of welfare when compared to others he said.



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