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No IPL in Chennai?

There may not be any IPL matches in Chennai any further. This is due to the ongoing protests over the Cauvery issue. Today a man was electrocuted on a train when he was protesting for the Cauvery waters.

Taking this into consideration and the protests in the earlier matches here in Chennai the governing council of the IPL has thought it fit to shift all the other matches to some other venue.

Rajinikanth the Tamil superstar also stated there was no need of IPL matches when the issue of Cauvery waters was boiling in Tamilnadu. Kamal Hassan the other superstar is supporting the Cauvery issue.

No IPL in Chennai?

The news to this effect will be soon released by the Governing Council of the IPL. Chennai will not be able to see the matches of CSK Dhoni in Chennai.

For the earlier match in Chennai, 4000 policemen were deployed. Despite security beefing, the protesters created ruckus during the matches here in Chennai. To avoid further problems the Governing Council will take a decision in this regard soon.



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