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No gudumba-TS shifting from hard liquor to beer

The summer is hot, but the beer is very cool. People who can afford to buy beer are cooling themselves apart from staying indoors. This summer, chilled beer has been most sought after drink for guzzlers in Telangana. Beer sales hit the all-time record in the state.

A record of 40 lakh cases where already sold in April and it is expected beer sales would touch 42 lakh cases in May. The highest beer sales of 39 lakh cases has been reported in May last year.

A single case of beer contains 12 bottles and each bottle contains 650 ml. Traditionally, the Telangana state is known as one of the highest hard liquor consuming state with over 70 percent of liquor revenues is coming from the sale of whisky, brandy and rum.

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Now, the trend is slowly changing as beer sales is contributing nearly 50 percent of the total revenues targeted from liquor in summer season.

Till recently Kerala was top in beer consumption due to domestic and huge influx of tourists in the state. To meet the beer demand, the breweries have already been asked to increase the production.

All the 17 breweries have been asked to stock all manufactured beer in the depots maintained by Telangana Beverages Corporation Limited. It may be noted that the Police has curbed the sales of Gudumba in the state to a larger extent. The CM KCR was very happy about this while he was talking to the police here in Hyderabad. He complimented the police for successfully stopping Gudumba.



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