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No control over fuel rates

NDA regime will be remembered for the hike in fuel rates. The rates have been hiked for 14 times in 17 days and they have been an all-time high in the last 4 years.

In Kolkata, the rate of petrol was Rs 77 while it was Rs 82 per litre. The petrol and diesel prices are changed on daily basis and they are on the uptrend. The Government is blaming it on the International crude prices. At the same time, the NDA government has ruled out any reduction in the excise duty on the oils.

Many of them suggested that the Government must reduce the taxes on fuels.It is reported that the AP Government is contemplating to reduce the taxes to reduce some burden on the common man. The Government has raised the excise duty 9 times it is found.

No control over fuel rates

On the other hand, the Government has reduced the LPG prices to some extent. The domestic cylinder has been reduced by Rs 35. It is a relief to the lady who runs the kitchen. In the same fashion, the Government must try to reduce the fuel prices to some extent so that the burden on the people using the vehicles may be reduced.

Despite facing a drubbing at the hustings the BJP government is sticking to its guns and statistics and not bothering about the popular opinion. The Modi group is overconfident that it would romp home in the next elections and that is the reason they are not taking the ups and downs so seriously.

They continue to implement the GST with some changes here and there. Right from the days of demonetisation, the Modi government was on the slide and it has lost the election even in UP. The Karnataka result will give the direction for the next election and if the Congress wins, then it could be very difficult for the NDA and Modi.



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