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No birth since last 400 years!

Rajagarh a village in Madhya Pradesh has no child in last 400 years. You will be surprised to know that no women has given birth to a child and if there was any delivery, the child was deformed or died after some time.

Locals believe that the village is cursed by the gods and that no woman is able to deliver a proper child and none of them survived. Interestingly here no one consumes alcohol or takes non-vegetarian which is good for health.

But no one is able to identify as to why the just borns are not living to see the future. The doctors are of the opinion that they should be brought to a dispensary for delivery so that enough care can be taken.

No birth since last 400 years!

Now the locals take their ladies outside the village for delivery and interestingly they are surviving it is reported. Some women say that a woman disrupted the construction of a temple here and that was the reason the children are not surviving due to the curse of the God.

Some others say it is just a superstition and if given a proper medical attention the children are bound to survive. Now after pregnancy the ladies are taken outside this village for delivery and they believe that is the reason the children are surviving.



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