No Balaiah,Chiru or NTR- I am ready says Nagababu Cinema Top Stories 

No Balaiah,Chiru or NTR- I am ready says Nagababu

The top heroes need not come to explain about the casting couch in the Tollywood said Nagababau the brother of Chiranjeevi. He said that there are much bigger issues in the industry and the top heroes will come when they are required to address the situation he said. For this, I can answer the industry people or any other person he clarified.

Addressing the media here in Hyderabad, he said that Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna Balaiah or NTR need not come to answer some allegations he opined. He also said that the media can show a hero as a villain and an innocent as a culprit. The media should not get politicised he opined. It must have the right perspective he said. The media is attacking the industry and also the mega family for no reason he said.

He cited examples where ladies have become big and great heroines without casting couch. If you think films are bad don’t watch them he clarified. Blaming the industry for your personal ends is not correct he stated. Why people are thinking only in negative perspective and why they are not looking at the other side he questioned.

No Balaiah,Chiru or NTR- I am ready says Nagababu

He said people having a smartphone can do whatever they want. It is beyond our control he opined. He said that the Industry is trying to minimise the responsibility of coordinators and see that the payments are made directly and that the exploitation goes out of the industry.

It may be noted that Jeevitha said that none was coming forward to answer on the allegations made by the ladies in the industry. She is also going legal over the matter.



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