Nithin speaking loud for Lie

Nithin the Hero from Telangana is busy with Lie and its release. He is doing the publicity of the film in every format possible. Nithin initially had many flops in his career but he could recover later with his confidence and hits.

was Nithin arrested ?

Nithin delivered a dud in the form of ‘Akhil as a producer and it took some time for him to recover financially. The Akkineni scion’s debut movie was directed by Vinayak.

Nithin said, he doesn’t have any differences with Akhil, of whatsoever. But, he feels bad for the failure of Akhil’s debut movie.

Nithin  akhil

He is confident that, one day he will give a successful film for Akhil. Akhil’s flop has worried him more than his own flops. The actor says that Akhil has grown stronger by the day.

Nithin has commented that even Puri these days could not give hits. Lets hope Lie becomes a hit.



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