New chapter between Russia and India

A new chapter between Russia and India has begun said Prime Minister Narendra Modi after meeting Putin and having informal discussions here. Modi’s visit to Russia was fruitful and many important topics have come for discussion it is reported. The talks were extremely productive and useful the two countries have reported.

Apart from India and Russia relations, the two leaders informally also review the issues of Global importance. The relations between India and Russia have stood the test of time and the will continue further in a fruitful manner. They are poised to reach the newer heights in the coming years the leaders opined.

This is a very big achievement Modi opined. Modi said that he was grateful to Putin for inviting him to this strategic but informal talks.

New chapter between Russia and India

“They shared the view that India and Russia have an important role to play in contributing to an open and equitable world order. They recognised each other’s respective roles as major powers with common responsibilities for maintaining global peace and stability,” the statement said.

Both Modi and Putin called them as informal talks but the talks were in-depth and in detail.

Both leaders expressed their concern over terrorism and radicalisation, and their determination to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. In this context, they endorsed the importance of restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan in an atmosphere free from the threat of terrorism, and agreed to work together towards achieving this objective,” the statement said.



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