Neech will win Gujarat for Modi

Earlier it was the Chai wala or Tea seller which has won the Elections for Modi . Now the same Aiyar who made Chai wala comment has made the comment of Neech knowingly or wantonly.

Whatever was the edge for the Congress has been lost due to the neech comment of Aiyer and Rahul is already in jitters.

He has ordered Aiyer to apologise and Aiyer explained and obeyed the diktats of Rahul. But the damage is already done.

Neech will win Gujarat for Modi

The Congress party suspended Mani Shankar Aiyar from the primary membership of the party after he called PM Narendra Modi “neech” and uncultured.

Condemning Aiyar’s remark, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said he and the party expected him to apologise to PM Modi. Aiyar had clarified that he only meant “low-minded” by the neech remark.

In movies they use the remark as neech-Kameena- Kutthe used for describing the villains.

We can say BJP gets the edge in Gujarat courtsey Aiyer.



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