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NDA retains Jailtely as Finance Minister

Arun Jaitley the finance minister has drawn a lot of flak as he introduced demonetisation and also GST in the country. The BJP lost some elections due to this decision from the FM. The banking issues have escalated after the introduction of demonetisation. Former RBI Governor also said that the decision was not right by the FM.

NDA retains Jailtely as Finance Minister
But the latest that Jaitley has been nominated to the Rajyasabha again and he has taken oath as the Finance Minister of India. He is the man who brought in a lot of changes in the Budget. Now there is no separate budget for the railways. Arun Jaitley has actually lost the elections and being the close confidant of Narendra Modi he was nominated to RS along with another lady Smriti Irani, Nirmala Sitharamana who are also in the core team of Modi.

It may be noted that Modi has made it clear, that for the sake of votes and power he is not going to deviate from the financial reforms and corrections. He said that India will not lose financially and it will be financially sound even at the cost of losing his power. He said this while he was introducing the GST. The idea of GST was mooted by the Congress and implemented by the NDA. Now that the NDA reposed faith in Jaitely he will further continue his reforms.



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