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Nani and JC might quit TDP

There are rumors that the TDP supremo will get a big jolt in the coming days. That could be from JC brothers and also Kesinenni Nani it is reported.

JC and Kesineni have been making statements against the Government and leadership from time to time. JC is basically a congress leader and crossed over to TDP to remain in power. Now Nani may not continue with TDP as Lgadapati is coming into the TDP fold. Now JC lost his image in the public as he created ruckus at the airport on his own . Both the leaders are bound to quit the TDP one day or the other.
Does TDP leadership feel there is no use of Kesineni Nani if Lagadapati Rajagopal comes into the party & contests 2019 Polls from Vijayawada? The recent developments have been giving scope for such discussions.


Kesineni Nani irked TDP leadership by making corruption allegations on Transport Department. None of the party leaders came in support of him though what he spoke is absolute truth. There is also buzz about TDP Leadership was planning disciplinary action against the MP.

Orange Travels Sunil Kumar Reddy held a press meet in Vijayawada to condemn the allegations of Kesineni Nani. ‘Kesineni Travels incurred losses because it runs only semi-sleeper buses. Whereas, People are preferring to travel in sleeper Buses these days,’ he told.

Rumors are abuzz that TDP Leaders are behind the press conference of Orange Travels. Is this an attempt to suppress Kesineni Nani is to be seen. The fate of JC will be out once he returns from Paris. It has to be seen if he apolozises to the airlines. People know about JC brothers and they want power all the time to protect themselves and also their transport business.



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