Nandyala- Advantage Babu

Hatred, caste and religion-based speeches of Shilpa brothers and YS Jagan’s hate speech against CM Babu have sent wrong signals to the people of Nandyala and this may have adverse affect on the prospects of YSRCP in the by-election.

Shilpa Mohan Reddy’s brother Chakrapani Reddy suggested that voters should take Rs 5000 per vote from Chandrababu, and vote for YSRCP .

Nandyala- Advantage Babu

Chakrapani also raked up the issue of castes saying Vysyas and Muslims would vote for YSRCP but not for TDP.

Politically immature Jagan cursed that CM Chandrababu Naidu should be shot dead in public. Now, all these comments of YSRCP leaders will backfire.

Nandyala- Advantage Babu

Before the public meeting, the wave of YSRCP was visible in Nandyala. Shilpa Chakrapani did have an advantage .

However, this meeting has changed the whole scenario in Nandyala. YSRCP has courted a ‘self-goal’ .
Now its advanatge Babu.



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