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Are Nandamuri fans with NTR?

NTR the grandson of senior NTR and son of Harikrishna has some Nandamuri fans still under his fold. But now he is a big star. There is a divide between the Nandamuri family and NTR as his followers are with the YSRC.

NTR who campaigned for the TDP under Chandrababu is not seeing them and is busy with movies. He is now doing a movie with Ram Charan from the mega compound indirectly Jana Sena group.

This has got nothing to do for the Nandamuri fans as he is not that dependent on them. He has got his own group and set of fans.

Balaiah Babais fans are different from NTR fans. Someone asked if NTR was in the senior NTRs biopic, others said no chance.

Balaiah and NTR are not seeing each other for a long time and Lokesh said if needed they would talk to NTR, but the elections are too far that is in 2019.

Now NTR is so strong that he does not need the Nandamuri Tag and is comfortable on his own. Right from Temper his graph is growing and with Rjamouli again doing a project for NTR, it makes all the difference.

It has to be seen if NTR campaigns for the TDP again.



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