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Namaz should be done in designated places

Haryana CM ML Khattar said that the Namaz prayers should not be done in private places and they should be done in Mosques and Eidgahs. There were allegations that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists were disrupting the Namaz prayers in several places. But the Government will ensure law and order he asserted.

The disruptions were also done by Bajrangdal, gaurakshak dal , Kranti dal and other right-wing organisations it is reported. We have alerted our officials and there will no problem for the law and order the chief Minister Khattar asserted in a press conference. The instances Namam or the prayers being offered at private places are increasing that is cause for the tension he opined. If it is done in mosques and designated places there would no tension he opined.

Namaz should be done in designated places

He said that when there is no objection to the prayers, there is no issue at all. If someone objects to the loudness or the place of prayers and if it is objectionable the government has to look into the issue he said.

But the right-wing leaders have started agitating that the prayers if not done in designated places they would protest over the issue. They also told the government that they must control the situation and not allow the prayers in private places and unauthorised places.



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