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Nakshatram movie review

The much-awaited cop drama, ‘Nakshatram’, directed by Krishna Vamsi, has finally hit screens today (August 4). The movie charts the journey of the protagonist’s pursuit to be a part of the police force. The film features Sai Dharam Tej, Regina and Pragya in pivotal roles.

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) hails from a family that has the history of men becoming cops. He also wanted to become a police officer and in the process, he, unfortunately, gets into a trouble by involving in a dispute with Police Commissioner’s son Rahul (Taneesh). Rahul plans a revenge by becoming an obstacle to Rama Rao’s dream of becoming a cop.

Nakshatram movie review

After realising that he has no choice of becoming a cop, Rama Rao decides to act as a cop and perform his duty with the name Alexander. After a while, the cops begin searching for a criminal Mukhtar and starts finding of Alexander. What happens next and how did all the other actors become a part of Rama Rao life reveals the story of the film.

The film is crucial for Krishna Vamsi as he has to prove with this film. But, the director failed again and disappointed everyone with an old age story. The director tried to incorporate too many elements like Crime, Love, Patriotism and other things in the story but he failed to manage all of them properly. The characterizations in the story have no proper skeleton and it shows the lack of clarity for the director.

The director failed to involve the viewers in the story and this connectivity issue is a major problem. The first half of the film does not have any story moving forward and it brings boredom to the audiences. Krishnavamsi the director failed again.

Director: Krishanavamsi
Cast: Regina ,Saidharam

Producer:K Srinivasulu

Music director: Manisharma
Rating: 2.5/5



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