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Nagam says Ram Ram to BJP 

Nagam Janardhan Reddy has resigned to BJP and is ready to join the Congress soon it is learnt. He has sent the resignation letter to Amit Shah the party National chief.
It is a blow to the TS BJP which always boasts of coming to power in the state. Except for a few leaders in the state, the BJP was unable to keep the flock together and the latest being in the form of Nagam.
Nagam was with the TDP and later shifted to BJP. Now with BJP becoming unpopular showing no future prospects, he has decided to join the Congress it is reported.
Half a dozen senior leaders have been there in the BJP since last 5 decades and they continue to be there. Others join and then after some time unable to adjust with the seniors they are forced to quit. How can they come to power is the big question.
On the other hand, the prospects for the BJP look bright as they are now aligning with the Jana Sena and the YSRC indirectly. With PM Modi’s graph slowly going down it has to be seen what would be the real prospects for the BJP in the Telugu states.
There are also allegations that some of the BJP leaders here in the state are hand in glove with some TRS leaders. They just want to ensure that they win in the elections and dont bother about others.
The TRS chief KCR announced that his survey shows that no BJP MLA will win the election from Telangana in 2019.



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