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Nagababu remembers Orange

Nagababu produced Orange the film with Ramcharan and it was a big disaster. Now he has done a movie with Allu Arjun. Earlier he lost everything with Orange and luckily Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan his brothers saved him from the financial crunch. He wanted to commit suicide at that point in time.

Later he entered TV and came back into the routine. Now Allu Aravind has suggested him to take up the production again and he readily agreed to the same. But Aravind is in doubt if the media might sabotage the Movie as there are rumours that the Tollywood wanted a ban of some channels and that they would not give content from the industry to TV channels at all.

Nagababu remembers Orange

Aravind and Nagababu are not expecting anything more in terms of selling the movie. They want a minimum guarantee for the movie and they also want a hit talk in the beginning so that it can sustain in the running.

Vakkanmtham the director is a new man and people are keeping the fingers crossed. The look of Arjun is different but one has to see how people respond to this movie.

People have forgotten Rangasthalam and now they are in the mania of Bharat Ane Nenu. The fever still continues. Unless and until Surya is extraordinary there is no chance that the people will lot at that. The strategies and Aravind are not

working now. The people are matured now and they don’t go to any movie blindly and will not promote the same.

So keep the fingers crossed till Friday.



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