Nag-Samantha and Tarun films

RGV and Nagarjuna’s “Officer” as the star hero is exuding confidence and RGV carved out a terrific movie that is what they say. Though the teasers and trailers of the film are looking average, Nagarjuna promised the best treat from this duo that delivered a history-making film like ‘Shiva’ in the past. There are insiders who state that it looks like Shiva.

Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai is releasing as “Abhimanyudu” and the Samantha factor at the box office is likely to pull masses to theatres. As the Tamil reviews of the film dubbed it as a super duper film, we have to see if the similar result will be repeated here with the Telugu audience.


There is Rajugadu , which has Raj Tarun saying hi to audiences yet again, after some back to back failures. Despite the film having some low hype, the hero is expecting that the positive word of mouth from theatres will help him make it big with collections.

So three films, one from a big director and the other is a hit movie with Samantha, the next is Raj Tarun. Just wait for the reviews.



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